A5 Hardback cover,  contains 36pp zine and A3 foldout poster 


Also contains certain Chinese (celebratory/fortune) ephemera


Offset printed in Phnom Phen, Cambodia


'Salvage Edition' of 30 (numbered) copies only


 £25 GBP  (plus postage and package)


Many thanks to Robin Titchener for his photographs of the publication, and for his kind permission to share here his words from his Photobook Collection (@photobooks_robin_titchener) • Instagram photos and videos:  https://www.instagram.com/p/CQp1-TaHtO8/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link  

Self published in a small quantity a few years ago.

Illustrated hard cover folder containing zine with ephemera and folded poster.

From a message to the artist regarding this Instagram post;

“….Normally I just post the books, but there were so many questions about End of the Line.xyz.

So many questions. It’s thick with atmosphere and personality, whilst being at the same time abstract and mysterious.

The binding, ephemera, poster and of course those dark dark images?

No colophon (that I could see).

What was the title, who was the artist? Is this a team, or a single photographer?

How many were published…what does it all mean?

Now I love an mystery, and will happily interpret any imagery (and then force it on an unsuspecting audience), but your book is too much of an enigma, even for me.

So I’ll happily wait for your reply…..”

After several more exchanges, we both came to the conclusion that from time to time it seems that it is enough for some things just to be.

End of the Line.xyz - Dark, intriguing and completely unique.

Addition to original post:

After “chatting” with the artist today, I understand that most of the original edition of 100 copies were in fact, damaged in transit from Thailand some years back, and the book was never really offered for sale properly.

It seems I was one of the very few people to get one.

The remaining thirty salvaged copies have now been made available on the artist’s site. It goes without saying that they are highly recommended.

Robin Titchener (Collector of books, scribbler of words, cooker of Filipino food).