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Behind the smoke and mirrors, within the ceilings and walls of tired, worn hotel rooms - loaded with their secrets, lies

and deceit, lay promises of love and paid-for passion.

Methamphetamine charged highs and embracing lipstick smiles; superstition, a corporeal and almost brutal fascination

with death and a belief in spirits, past life, reincarnation and ghosts - addiction, necessity and sleight of hand liaisons,

where lines of gender and sexuality are furtively blurred.

The stains, the scars, the scratches and the defiled bedsheets upon which any illusion of intimacy or endearment is

sincerely shattered; and where the truth of things is hidden and never told, but at the same time always known.


Part One  (part two due for release in June '18)


Edition of 100 copies


48 pages, 279 mm x 197 mm

Printed on natural, uncoated paper stock (soft cover 250 gsm, inside pages160 gsm)




  £15 GBP  (plus postage and package)

NB: Images shown are a selection from part one and part two of a trilogy.

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